2022 INDY XC 2-Up

2022 Indy XC 2-Up

2022 INDY XC 2-Up

The Ultimate Adventure for Two


All the capability of INDY with a spacious and premium setup for two. Complete comfort for an all-day adventure, with the spirited performance and efficiency of the ProStar S4, the possibilities are endless this winter.


The INDY is equipped with rider-centric innovations to dominate the most extreme conditions including unmatched cargo carrying and towing capabilities along with storage solutions. The Power Boosting Regulator delivers maximum electrical power at idle and low RPMs for comfort and convenience.



  • Engine: 850 Patriot
  • Front Shock: WER® Velocity
  • Front Suspension: Matryx Front Suspension
  • Front Track Shock: WER® 2″ C/A
  • Rear Track Shock: WER® Velocity
  • Track Width/Length/Height: 15 x 137 x 1.25 Ice Ripper XT


Weekday: (M-Th) $350 + $50/day Insurance/Waiver
Weekend: (Fri-Sun, 1 day) $375 + $50/day Insurance/Waiver