2023 550 INDY LXT NorthStar Edition 2-Up

2023 550 INDY LXT Northstar 2-UP

550 INDY LXT NorthStar Edition

Legendary INDY Performance, ready to go for two


The INDY LXT is purpose-built for touring riders at a great value. The proven Pro-Ride chassis and new 550 Liberty engine deliver confidence that makes your day on the snow the best it can be.



  • Engine: 550 Liberty
  • Front Shock: Polaris IFP
  • Front Suspension: PRO-RIDE
  • Front Track Shock: Polaris IFP
  • Rear Track Shock: Polaris IFP
  • Track Width/Length/Height: 15 x 144 x 1.35 Cobra


Weekday: (M-Th) $250 + $50/day Insurance/Waiver
Weekend: (Fri-Sun, 1 day) $275 + $50/day Insurance/Waiver